Design For All: A Manifesto

Design For All: A Manifesto explores the concepts of universal and inclusive design while asking “what if there were no barriers?”


From connecting with information online to visiting our favourite places, design touches every part of our lives and influences our interactions with the world. But what if any given design doesn’t work for you? What if, instead, accessibility was effortless? In this AMI-audio original documentary, we explore the growing movement to make our world accessible through universal and user-centric design. We share the story of a manifesto that’s calling on creators to incorporate accessibility at planning stages. Then, we’ll examine design in the digital, personal and physical worlds, including 3D-printed tools for amputees, schools for students with autism, and take a trip to Facebook.

I produced this documentary in May 2015 with the assistance of Michael Iantorno and Matt Agnew. Design For All aired nationally on AMI-audio May 31, 2015.